My First Plant Baby

This is my African violet, and it’s incredibly special to me. Both of my grandparents were very sick the last months of their lives, so my family and I moved in to help take care of them and their house. When my Nana died people brought over all kinds of flowers, and this violet was one of them. It sat on my grandparents’ fireplace for weeks straining for light and looking small. One day I just kept looking at it and I took it to my Granddaddy. I asked out right, “Can I have this?” He looked at me and smiled and said I could. He said, “I know you’ll take care of it sugar. Make it grow for you.” And I did. It was the last gift my grandfather ever gave me and I cherish it with all my heart.

It blooms every 4 weeks or so. For the last two and a half years it’s bloomed on or around my grandparents’ birthdays and on or around my birthday. This year it bloomed for thanks giving and is in the process of blooming for the New Year.


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