Spring Flowers

As spring draws nearer I’m becoming more and more excited about my spring bulbs! I planted them back in November, and you can see their impetus here. Fast forward to January 2015 and I’ve got a bulb jungle on my porch! The plants in the picture to the left are ranunculus, anemone, and muscari. I also planted snapdragon seeds and a dahlia in this container, however, I have yet to see hide nor hair of them. If they don’t begin to come up in the next few weeks I’ll dig up the dahlia and start growing some other snap dragon seeds in my greenhouse. I’m excited to share that my first spring flower is coming up! In the picture on the right you’ll notice a thing that looks a lot like a green pine cone. That little green cone is my first muscari and you can tell from the coloring on the tip that it will be bright blue/violet once it opens. I’m so excited at the prospect of having my patio filled with color and flower this spring and summer!


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