The Life of Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass has to be the most fun thing that I’ve ever seen grow! It literally takes a week to go from seed to sprout to full on wheatgrass. It’s super easy to grow and very easy to care for. One thing I will caution about growing wheatgrass is that it’s a very wet process. The seeds have to be soaked over night then placed over wet soil. Seed and seedlings need to be in a moist environment until they get to be about 3 inches tall, which takes about 3 days. The wet environment helps encourage it’s growth, but it also encourages mold. In order to prevent your wheat grass from molding, you should spray it regularly with a baking soda mixture (1 tbs baking soda/gallon of water) or a rosemary and neem oil mixture (5-10 drops rosemary and neem oil/per 16 oz).

Note: If you will be using the rosemary and neem oil mixture make sure your oils are food grade so that it can be eaten. Essential oils that are not food grade should not be used on plants meant for consumption.


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