Hello! My name is Sofia, and I am an Atlanta native who started The Garden Generalist to document the life and times of my house plants and container gardens as well as my travels to gardens all over the country and the world. My blog is un-sponsored which means I travel and visit planty places out of pocket and out of my love of plants and travelling.

I moved from Atlanta to England 5 years ago, which means I had to leave my house plants behind, but no worries they’re all in loving homes! I still have house plants and an allotment where I grow fruits, veg, and flowers. My allotment is a little piece of rented land where I can toil, dream, and create.

If you have questions about my plant colony, my travels, or how to keep your plant babies healthy, feel free to contact The Garden Generalist. I’d love to hear from you! Be sure to connect with The Garden Generalist on Instagram to keep up to date.


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